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Avoid information overload when searching for airline ticket

By: Auckland Semper Jr

No more information overload on travel!

The importance of avoiding information overload when searching for the cheapest airline tickets online cannot be stressed enough theses days. This article will explain how you should take your time and do your research to be able to cherry pick your way through.

What we Internet surfers don't seem to understand is that there are millions of travel sites out there claiming they have access to the lowest airfares. When its time to book your travel plans the first thing we think about is our budget (for those of us who have a budget). Most travelers don't want to pay more than they have to because they still need money when they get to where ever the destination is and the more the better..right!

We all want the cheap flights that are enjoyable, not too many stops, with food and entertainment, frequent flyer miles, plenty of leg and elbow room...all for the lowest and cheapest price you can that would be perfect dude! Well dream on, unless youre rich.

To avoid information overload and your bottom sticking to the chair, you start with online sites that not only give their prices but also let you compare with others. Narrow these sites down to sites that don't waste your time by having access to just a few special airfares only when the airlines say they have deals. Everybody has a search engine for available published airfares, but the best sites consistently offer specially worked out deals available only to their thats what I am talking about maan.....

You have to find a small group of sites that can be searched on a regular persistent and start checking for deals at least a month in advance to be able to take advantage of 7-21 day advanced purchase requirements. How about sites that have done the research for you and also provide all the information you need for traveling....I call these sites "travel portals" and boy do they save you time, not to mention stress.

Some travel portals list too many sites and its like your starting all over again. They list any site that would pay commissions instead of researching and listing those that actually have low airfares consistently, so try and avoid these kinds of cluttered travel portals at all costs...they are still wasting your time.

Searching for cheap airfares does not have to be an adventure. Finding and using travel portals should get you what you need without the sales pitch. Most of us have a budget and don't want to feel like we could have paid much less...if an airfare is out there, travel portals will help you find it......Happy Traveling!

About the Author

Auckland Semper is a syndicated travel expert and former travel agent. Visit his travel portal at --Free travel tips, advise and information on cheap airline tickets and vacations.

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